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Just as I remembered it. The main character, Oscar J.

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Noodleman visits his cousin who is an inventor. They decide to participate in a contest eat a Bagful o' Chicken at every one of the franchises in 60 days. But they are being pursued by Madame Gulbenkian, who sees all, knows all, casts magic spells, and can swallow a whole chicken leg in one gulp.

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I must have read this in elementary school. I remember loving it but I don't remember much else. I'll most likely pick it up again and read it just for fun! Mar 16, Kevin Quinley rated it it was amazing Shelves: Boy ruins uncle's expensive camera. Drives around country attempting to win a contest eating chicken at the most locations to pay for aforementioned camera.

Competes against a crazy lady. Begins to turn into a chicken during his travails. The zany tale chooses not to insult the young readers intelligence hinting at the not unrelated dangers of marketing and addiction. Jan 02, Kendra rated it really liked it.

Chicken Trek

This was a cute and funny children's book: Dec 28, Nick rated it really liked it. Read this book when I was a kid. One of these days I'm gonna read it again as an adult. It's fun, holds up really well, and is a good read no matter how old you are.

Feb 06, Kevin rated it really liked it. Pinkwater-esque silliness about a cross-country fried-chicken-eating contest.

Chicken Trek

Seth Kerstein rated it liked it Mar 25, Steve rated it liked it Jun 24, Luca Masters rated it really liked it Dec 23, Jonathan rated it it was amazing Jun 28, James rated it liked it Jun 05, FabulousRaye rated it it was amazing Feb 14, Martin rated it it was amazing Feb 08, Matt rated it really liked it Apr 16, David rated it it was amazing Jun 27, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Feb 10, Jose Jimenez rated it really liked it Jul 13, Steph Su rated it it was amazing Nov 13, Holly rated it it was amazing Oct 02, James Williamson rated it it was amazing Aug 27, Lexie rated it it was amazing Dec 21, An ancient Human joke is one which an exotic or unfamiliar type of food is said to taste "just like chicken.

When Robin Lefler 's father explained plasma to her in , she kept thinking he was talking about a gooey sauce for her chicken.

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NF - No Limits short story: William Riker theorized that the chickens cultivated by the Bandi had an alternative diet than their Earth cousins, the eggs available in his Farpoint Station breakfast were distinctly green, and didn't appear appetizing. The term "chicken" has behavioral connotations in Human language , indicating cowardice. Scotty figuratively referred to Captain Zarlo as being known to him to be "the most chicken commander in the Fleet!

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In similar connotations, "playing a game of chicken" is a Human term referring to engaging an opponent in a contest that ends when one side backs down, out of fear. VOY - Section 31 novel: Sign In Don't have an account? Retrieved from " http: